Leftovers From the 1941 Podcast, and About Upcoming Project “Soviet Magnitofon”

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We talk about Vichy France, Jazz music and the Hull note, items left out of the Visions of a Fever cast on 1941, and develop these topics more.  FDR’s cooperation with Vichy is considered a clear mistake by many historians today.  Also a look at Hull Note, that is, US Secretary of State Cordell Hull’s note to Japan which could be seen as a ‘my way or highway’ and the Japanese felt was an ultimatum.


Also an intro to what Bruce is working on – the Soviet Magnitofon podcast.  In the works since 2010 in one form, mostly in a notebook.  It is a podcast on the fall of the Soviet Union and the later period of the Soviet Union from 1975 to 1991.  it’s in the works, but I read a preview.