Your TV Lied to You – Presidential Scandals

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One of my favorite episodes.   I had received criticism in 2011 that I was delivering a little bit slow.  One guy sent me a ‘Dear John’ letter as he left the fan base.  Well, mostly that was because I was recording at night after a bruising commute.  (I’ve since  reduced commute a bit.)   But mostly MHCBUYP was being recorded at night.  so I fell asleep.   One observer noted to me how I was giving a break to historical actors in a “halcyon state.’

I went with hi-pep.  I’ve since cooled the pep down a bit.  But this one tries to imitate what a spate of ads looked like during the television coverage of 1972.  That the TV lies to you is that it never told you (or them, back then) that a President was about to fall.