Three Hidden Elections, From 2008

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There are three hidden elections while the media focus on the two campaigns.  Or so I detailed in this cast, a throwback re-run of a 2008 cast, when we were looking at a race with Barack Obama and McCain along with the shocking vp choice at that time of Sara Palin.   I look at the three hidden elections beyond the polls, 1) turnout 2) incumbency approval and 3) take a state perspective on elections.    It turned out to be a good perspective for those overly wowed by McCain’s pick of Palin ad the temporary boost from that.  I think a lot of this applies today in that polls can’t predict turnout per se.   That could go either way of course.  Especially hidden today among these 3 hidden elections is incumbency approval.  Obama is popular (in his last two years.) and people feel better, despite media reports or campaign statements that they are angry.  But the media is overly focusing on the candidate and ignoring the President as he’s not running.  As I felt in 08 and still do, the President is always on the ballot.