British Prime Ministers and US Presidents

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Back in 2007, when Tony Blair and George W. Bush were becoming buds, in a sense, I recorded this episode.   With President Trump’s first foreign visitor to the White House being the Prime Minister, we revisit this episode.

Presidents Using Talkies, Radio

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The surprising radio President.  FDR’s domination of an obsolete technology.  And more.  To this list of Presidents and their signature media forms recorded in 2013, we might add Trump and twitter.

Gladstone and Disraeli

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The great rivalry in British politics was William Gladstone the liberal and Benjamin Disraeli the conservative.  In the context of discussing unfriending in politics, two able-bodied politicians that never became friends, yet worked off each other in their best moments.


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A look at the Jefferson – Adams feud, if we could call it that, and the subsequent thaw.  All in the context of  unfriending in social media and political life.  

Rejection of Cabinet Choices

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Actual rejection of a Cabinet choice is rare in American history, as this podcast from 2010 addressed.  But it has happened.  For unlucky John Tyler, it happened several times, nearly half the rejections are from his Presidency alone.

Chief of Staff

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A bit about the changing role of the Chief of Staff, from 2011.    From Eisenhower’s first COS to a change at that time in the Obama administration, we look at this important office.