President of The Senate

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In addition to being VP, Mike Pence is now the President of the Senate.  It’s ceremonial, mostly, though some VPs have tried to throw their weight around a little – usually with poor results.  The last VP to assert the … Continued

Firing of Generals

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Well, it seems we knock GOP Presidents for firing law-enforcement officials and Democratic ones firing generals.  It’s a simplification – and I will have more on Comey’s firing in a future episode, but this episode from 2009 may provide some … Continued

Briefing Ronald Reagan

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Since we did the interview with CIA intelligence officer David Priess a few weeks ago, I wanted to provide some additional information about what a PDB looks like and a little more on Reagan and how he handled briefings.

Interview with David Preiss

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My interview with David Preiss of The President’s Book of Secrets.  David is a listener to the show and has been for some time.  He is also a former CIA intelligence officer that briefed members of the Clinton and George … Continued

Incredible Passages (from 2009)

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I wanted to replay this episode as there is currently the debate over healthcare reform repeal.  Maybe it’s repealed in 9 months, maybe it’s reformed.  I talked about the passage of major legislation in the US and was at the … Continued


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Alexander Butterfield was no leaker, no hero, no Nixon-hater and no Nixon loyalist.  He was a man who took the No. 2 job in the White House office for the experience and for helping the country.   A reluctant witness, … Continued

War Powers and its Usage

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From 2011 a look at the history of the War Powers Act.   It started as a way to embarrass Nixon, and turned into a transfer or power to the Executive Branch