Mike Duncan on America and Rome

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Populism, Corruption, Citizenship and Immigration.  Rome struggled with these issues in its Republic phase.  Bruce is joined by Mike Duncan, host of The History of Rome Podcast, to talk about the pre-fall of the Roman Republic, period of 146 to … Continued

Presidential Pass Offs (from 2007)

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I was thinking of this episode, about incumbent Presidents and candidates after their term is done, as it is something that obviously did not occur in 2016, but there’s little talk about it.  President Obama’s role in 2016, or lack … Continued

The Mystery of Impeachment

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Savior or scoundrel?  We look at the case of one of the most celebrated heroes of Presidential impeachment.  And in the course of that – we look at the  Chase, Clinton and Johnson precedents for attempted impeachment, we attempt to … Continued