The Whiskey Rebellion and Federal-State Power

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Some thoughts about rebellions, federal and state power, the Whskey excise tax rebels of 1794 and the actions of the local government in Pittsburgh at the time.  Spurred on by our discussion with Lindsay Chervinsky about George Washington’s Cabinet.

Young Cheney

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Known as a backroom-dealer and powerful Vice President, less is known about DIck Cheney’s younger years.  We tell the story on this preview of a Vice Presidents podcast episode, for Extra Podcast subscribers.  Thanks for your support.  Cheney’s family were … Continued

Coolidge Becomes President

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We talk about the transition of Coolidge from Vice President to President.  His style, his politics, and the challenges he would face, including a potential challenger.  How he became President was one of his greatest assets.

New Year’s Eve Brief Talk

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Hi and Happy New Years and thanks for your support this year.  A few words from me on what’s coming up, what I’m reading.  A little more about Robert Caro and Robert Moses, and more.

Truman’s Mild Support for JFK

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Bonus episode for the Premium members – looking a a listener’s question we expand on the Five Historical Trends for Trump and Hillary.   He points out Trump’s novice-ness and lack of Presidential support.