AJ Baime on Truman and 1948

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We spoke with A.J. Baime 2 years ago, and he’s back on again.  This time to discussion the election of 1948, The Marshall Plan and Truman.  Parts of te interview will be used on an upcoming episode of the podcast … Continued

Coolidge Becomes President

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We talk about the transition of Coolidge from Vice President to President.  His style, his politics, and the challenges he would face, including a potential challenger.  How he became President was one of his greatest assets.

The Stop Carter Movement of 1976

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Though he’d eventually win them over, Jimmy Carter had a tough time with the political establishment as he ran for President.  In the ’76 election, the  establishment, unions and machines  use a variety of methods to stop insurgent candidate Jimmy … Continued

Kurt Schmoke

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In 1987, Baltimore would elect a new mayor with great hope and promise.  He didn’t come from any of the political clubs.  He could see things differently.  When he looked at the drug trade, he came up with a unique … Continued

Kent State Aftermath

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What happened after the shots were fired on May 4, 1970?  Bruce opens up the legal pad for all of the things that we didn’t have time to discuss on our podcast with Paula Stone Tucker.   The story of … Continued

New Year’s Eve Brief Talk

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Hi and Happy New Years and thanks for your support this year.  A few words from me on what’s coming up, what I’m reading.  A little more about Robert Caro and Robert Moses, and more.

Socialism Episode from 2009

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If we think  we are only discussing socialism now, that’s not true, why it was a big issue in 2009 when i did this podcast.  While there’s a few things I’d put scotch tape on today in this cast, about … Continued