Adlai Stevenson, The Original

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About Vice President Adlai Stevenson, the grandfather of the Democratic candidate for President in 1952 and 1956.  We include some stories from his memoir and the political events of his time.  This was run on the Vice Presidents of the … Continued

Lincoln and Zachary Taylor

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A little bit about Lincoln, and his advocacy and defense of Zachary Taylor, a president who preceded him by three Presidents, all of them ineffective.  Zachary Taylor would get barely over a year in office, but his stance on brewing … Continued

Transcript – John W. Davis Also Ran

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For most people, John W. Davis is at best a footnote, a speck of information and a textbook about presidential election history, the Also-Ran of Calvin Coolidge. Nineteen twenty four. You open up the historical electoral maps and you see … Continued

Smoke-Filled Room?

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Was there a room where Warren G. Harding was selected for the GOP nomination in 1920.  It might be more story than substance.  But what about George Harvey’s room in the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago.  Well… We look into this, … Continued