A Trip to the Library and Year in Review for MHCBUYP Podcast

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Washington’s big mistake, the term speakeasy’s origin, George Wallace unloads on Jimmy Carter [unfairly], the origins of New Jersey, I read notes from a recent library trip with varied bits of history and ideas for future podcasts, perhaps and look back at the episodes I enjoyed doing in 2021.  I do believe that 2021 was a banner year.  I improved audio and came up with a solid ‘recipe’ for production that made things faster, but rather than merely product fast eps, saving production time allowed me to spend more time on episode details and hitting the books for different perspectives on historical events.   The Lincoln Train for instant is one of them that I’m quite proud of – the result of blending a railroad history book with standard history textbooks and a summary of political events around the time of the 1861 presidential transition.    But I just as much involved talking to long-time listeners of the show, and getting to talk to a Presidential candidate was pretty cool too.

Thanks for your support all these years.